The Different Benefits To Stand Up Paddle Boarding In The Cayman Islands

While paddle boarding in the Cayman Islands is typically considered a tourist attraction for recreational enjoyment, did you know it can also have numerous physical benefits for the body?  You may be enjoying the surf, sand, and sea with your friends; however, you are simultaneously improving the state of your mind and body.  This article will discuss the different advantages to paddle boarding in the Cayman Islands

1. The Fitness Benefits

Stand up paddle boarding offers a fantastic all over workout as you use both strength and balance to stay upright while moving through the water.  The intensity of the workout will vary dependent on where you are using the paddle board, so many enjoying a recreational run in the Caymans may not have a high-intensity experience.  However, paddling upstream or in the ocean can increase the pressure against one’s arms requiring the muscles to work harder.  

Regardless of the intensity of the paddle boarding experience, it can be said that one of the obvious benefits to stand up boarding is an increase in one’s fitness level.  This is the ideal activity for cross-training as you will be using muscles throughout the body including your arms, legs, back, stomach, and even your feet.  The need to balance on the board will provide both a strength and aerobic workout that you cannot find in most gyms.  Plus, the enjoyment of the paddle boarding will make the session far less frustrating than a session in the gym.

2. The Health Benefits

As a sport, although it may not seem like a sport when on vacation, paddle boarding presents with various benefits as compared to other activities.  Unlike running, you will not experience any pressure or jarring on the joints and muscles.  Furthermore, paddle boarding is a non-contact sport which means you can avoid any bumps, bruises, and injuries involved with sports like rugby or football.  Of course, injuries may be sustained if you come across a particularly violent wave – this doesn’t happen often.

Paddle boarding may have great physical health benefits, but it is a highly advantageous method to help de-stress.  Regardless of whether you choose to take a paddle up a river or in the ocean among the waves, stand up paddle boarding can be a place to relax and appreciate the scenery.  Almost any activity embracing the outdoors has some form of health benefit, so enjoy the fresh air and the sun.

3. Improved Balance

Balance is important to gain equilibrium between body and mind; however, we are speaking of physical balance at this point.  When a person learns to paddle board standing up, they need to balance on the board without toppling.  This will take quite a bit of practice, and you must expect to fall several times before ‘getting the hang of it’.  When you are able to stand up on the paddle board, you will find that the muscles in your stomach and legs will be stronger and your balance will have improved.

4. An Alternative To Surfing

Surfing can be an exciting activity and is considered very cool, but it is not easy to learn or master.  If you are not a surfer or are not interested in surfing, then paddle boarding is an ideal alternative.  By engaging in stand up paddle boarding sessions, you will be able to enjoy the water as surfers do; plus, you will have an advantage over these bodies on surf boards.  While you can still catch the waves, you will be able to ride the smaller and larger waves – a task surfers are unable to accomplish. 

5. Sense Of Achievement

Arguably one of the greatest benefits for any stand up paddle boarder, particularly the newbies, is the sense of achievement when you learn to use a paddle board successfully.