A Quick Review Of Stingray City In The Cayman Islands

Have you ever heard of the Cayman Islands before? These are islands that are in the Caribbean. You may have taken a trip to Jamaica or Puerto Rico before, and these islands are almost 300 miles off the coast of Cuba. It is a unique location where there are very shallow waters which make the perfect breeding place for stingrays. In fact, it’s actually the fault of fishermen decades ago that began to feed the stingrays at one location. Since that time the stingrays have become conditioned to coming back to that spot virtually every day. They are domiciled creatures, ones that are always looking for the food that fishermen will throw in the water, and this is called Stingray City.

What Can You Do In Stingray City

Located on Grand Cayman which is the largest of all of the Cayman Islands, of which there are three, there is a place called Stingray City. The best stingray city tours It is located in very shallow waters where there are sandbars, located off the North end of Grand Cayman. These are actually called southern stingrays, the ones that you will see, and they are very friendly. They have been conditioned to do so, and in the very shallow waters which may only be three or 4 feet deep, this is where you will get to physically interact with them.

What Type Of Tours Do They Have Available?

There are quite a few that you can take which are advertised heavily online. You will likely see these when you are booking your trip. Right before you pay, you will probably see some of the more popular ones, even those that include a jet ski ride. There are other places that you can go by which are often added to these tours. You can go see what is called Turtle Farm. As you can imagine, there are turtles that are going to be in this colorful lagoon, plus there are many other activities throughout the islands.

If your main goal is to finally get to Stingray City, you need to make a point of getting this done. It is so beautiful there, and after you are done in the water, you can have a nice dinner and go on one of the many bioluminescent tours that are also available. Not only will you get to swim with stingrays, but you will be in the midst of organisms that will glow. It is one of these locations that is hard to believe, but it is very real. Find out more today about booking your vacation to the Cayman Islands and definitely stay on Grand Cayman so you can see Stingray City This year.